Do You Have to Deal With Difficult People?

Are you tired of the frustration, headache, upset and anger?
End it all today, without having to change others

To do this you must realize, the simple truth.

They are difficult people, and that is why they are not going to change.

So if you want to finally end the frustration difficult people cause, you must do the changing.

But how do you change?

And more importantly, how can you do it easily, even when those difficult people are getting under your skin?

This is exactly what you will learn.

How to make everyday life, easy, even with difficult people in your life.

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and my teaching style?

A Bit of What You Will Learn:

• How to spend less than 5 minutes a day and change your life
• Failure is inevitable, and how to easily keep moving
• Getting people to stop upsetting you
• Avoiding premeditated upsets – often called expectations
• The Golden Rule of - Treat others as you want to be treated – will get you NO WHERE in life, and how to apply the platinum rule for success
• Getting the most out of every thing you learn.
• Getting different results means stepping out of your comfort zone.
• How to keep from going crazy from difficult people.
• The 3 biggest things that cause upset customers and employees and how to prevent them
• The difference between spiritual worth and intrinsic worth
• 3 step process to creating permanent change in your life
• Stopping all arguments before they happen
• 7% of what we communicate is from the words
• Preventing people from getting angry before they even think about it.
• How to create top performers all around you, even from average people
• Difference between passive and aggressive – and how to be assertive
• 4 personality styles and how to motivate the different types
• How people make decisions, and understanding why
• Managing conflict with grace and ease
• How to deal with negative people
• 6 steps to get people to follow through and be excited about what they do
• 10 steps of problem solving
• 7 things people need to be happy and stay at their job
• How to get more out of their personal reviews

My 300% Guarantee to You.

    1. After implementing only 25% of what you learn in these DVD’s, you will literally save at least an hour every day.
    2. You will have fun, laugh, and actually enjoy learning new and exciting ideas and tips with these DVD’s to help you meet deadlines and get it all done
    3. It will be EASY to implement what you learn –without stress.

And if not, I will fully refund your money. Period.

What you will get

The extra special Bonus
Ability to ask me questions personally, after you have watched the DVD’s, on a forum that me, and me alone answers the questions that are asked.

What would it cost you to go to a live training? And to get everything I give you?

$100 – 1 day off work
$179 – fee to attend the 2 days of live training
$500 – for my consulting fee – to personally ask me questions later
$100 – for your time it takes to gather the information
$?? – ability to watch the DVD’s whenever you want, using pause, stop & play
$?? – getting 2 days behind on your already heavy work load
=$800 – over $800 actually - of cost to you, to get the same thing I am offering you for only . . .
$97 for the Dealing with Difficult People

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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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