Need to Learn Microsoft Excel?

But you don’t want to be bored with the
basic stuff you already know?

Well, now you can get past all your reasons and excuses, and become a master of excel, with only a few minutes of time a day.

And learn from someone who actually makes excel fun, and exciting to learn.
Did you really just read, fun, yes.

Can Learning Excel Really be Fun?

What do even beginners say?

Do you do any of these when you use excel?

• Want to save 40% of your time spent in excel – with this one, two minute tip
• Do you find yourself copying and pasting over and over again? – learn how to end this permanently, while saving time.
• Print off worksheets to compare them with other worksheets?
• Do you wish you would see different parts of the same worksheet, without having to print it off every time?
• Type in dates and they change to numbers, or try and format your text and it just doesn’t come out right? – learn how to make your spreadsheet look exactly like you want
• Trouble making charts to visually represent your data – learn how to do that in 2 simple steps
• Need to do something, know what you want to do, but don’t know how to do it? Learn one simple trick, that will allow you to learn how to do whatever you want, in 2 clicks
• Print off your document, and have a bunch of blank pages? – 4 simple clicks to permanently fix this
• Print off your documents, and use tape, scissors and photocopier, to get the header row on every page, or insert blank rows, and copy the header row before you print? How to get the header row on every page.
• Want to print your data on one page, but there is always one column on the next page?
• Have a workbook on the server, but only one person can open it at a time?
• Do you want to be able to easily see, what changes others have made to a worksheet? Without having to compare it side by side – in a matter of seconds?
• Do you get a worksheet with text in one column, that has to be split out into two columns, and it takes hours to do this? Learn how to split out text in a matter of literally minutes.

This is less than 1 hour of the total 12 hours of training on these Excel DVD’s.
And I give you all of this training, for free.


Because, I know that when you see what you didn’t know that you don’t know, you will want to know more.

You will see, that these Excel DVD’s will literally save you hours and hours of time, every day. LITERALLY

My 300% Guarantee to You.

    1. After implementing only 25% of what you learn in these DVD’s, you will literally save at least an hour every day.
    2. You will have fun, laugh, and actually enjoy learning new and exciting ideas and tips with these DVD’s to help you meet deadlines and get it all done
    3. It will be EASY to implement what you learn –without stress.

And if not, I will fully refund your money. Period.

What you will get

What you will Learn:

• Fix your formula problems, once and for all
• Quickly create formulas that change with your worksheet
• Learn how to use the single biggest, most helpful tool in all of Microsoft, and the power of it to create any formula you need
• Using cell names to create formulas across multiple worksheets
• How to get formulas to not change when you don’t want them to change
• How to automatically fill in your list, instead of copy and pasting your list, every time you open a new excel file
• The quick and easy way to copy and paste formulas
• How to number the rows in an excel file in 2 seconds
• Easily Data enter, even in non-adjacent cells
• Create documents in 10 minutes, instead of hours
• Make your documents on the server so people cannot accidently save over them
• Make your spreadsheets look beautiful and professional
• Get numbers and dates to stay numbers or dates
• Get your text to fit in the column, no matter how long it is
• Center your text in the rows, instead of it always being at the bottom
• Get hyperlinked text to look normal
• Quickly and easily put colored borders around your cells
• Copy numbers from a formula, so you don’t have to retype them
• Quickly remove blanks from your excel files
• Make one cell be the same as another, and automatically update, when the original cell changes (nor more repetitive copy and pasting)
• Quickly and easily enter and format data into your list
• See certain parts of your worksheet, no matter where you scroll to
• Re-arrange the order of your list by states, alphabetically, product numbers, or any other data
• Only see what you want to see from your lists, without copy and pasting
• Allow more than one person to use a workbook on the server, at the same time
• See within seconds, every change that someone else makes to your excel file
• Protect your workbook so others cannot change things you don’t want them to change
• Make it so your formulas never accidently get messed up by others – no re-doing your work
• 2 simple steps to easily create a chart in 4 seconds
• Eliminate blank pages when printing
• Print all of your data on the number of pages you want, without changing column or row size, and without changing the formatting of your worksheet
• Print your worksheet on the center of the page, with 3 mouse clicks.
• Put in custom headers and footers
• Print the row and column headings
• Change where your page breaks are when you print, as you see the actual data and where it is printing
• Print the column heading on every page that prints
• Never do a repetitive task – EVER again

And this is literally, literally only 1/3 of what you will learn in these DVD’s

The extra special Bonus
Ability to ask me questions personally, after you have watched the DVD’s, on a forum that me, and me alone answers the questions that are asked.

What would it cost you to go to a live training? And to get everything I give you?

$200 – 2 days off of work
$279 – fee to attend the 2 days of live training
$500 – for my consulting fee – to personally ask me questions about excel
$50 – for your time it takes to create the excel file I give you to practice
$?? – ability to watch the DVD’s whenever you want, using pause, stop & play
$?? – getting 2 days behind on your already heavy work load
=$1,000 – over $1,000 actually - of cost to you, to get the same thing I am offering you for only . . .
$97 for the basic excel training

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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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